How to find a graduate job using Twitter

Find out how you can use Twitter to network, gather information and ultimately get ahead in the gradate job hunt


A great blog on using Twitter for Job hunting by TARGEtjobs

If you’ve just been using Twitter to post photos of your cat or complain about how hungover you are, it may be time to think about giving your profile a professional makeover so you can use it to build relationships with people who could help you land that elusive graduate job. You could even set up a new Twitter account specifically for this purpose.

Twitter can be used for more than just hunting for job opportunities: it can be an effective tool for networking, gathering information and engaging in conversation on topical issues in your field of interest. Think of it as a very busy, enormous, endless party filled with influential people. This is your chance to listen in to what they are saying and contribute to the conversation.

Think of Twitter as a very busy, enormous, endless party filled with influential people.

Getting set up on Twitter

If you’re new to Twitter or are setting up a new account, it’s well worth investing some time thinking about your profile. Rather than rushing through the setup process spend some time thinking about your Twitter profile.  Consider it your shop window – your twitter handle, bio, header image and profile picture will be the first things people (including potential employers) will see. Think about what impression you want to give. For example, if you want to project yourself as a young professional committed to a career in finance @partyanimal123 probably shouldn’t be your Twitter handle.

Your bio should contain a snapshot of what you do or what you are interested in doing. It should be a professional description of yourself that makes use of key words so that your profile is picked up in searches. It’s also a good idea to include a link to your blog, website or LinkedIn profile if you have one. If potential employers do visit your profile, they can then click through to see examples of your best work or to just find out more about you. You only have 160 characters for your bio though, so keep it concise.

Twitter as a source of information

Following people and organisations that interest you will help you to sift through the white noise and tailor your newsfeed. Remember relevance is key. For example, you might follow industry organisations and training providers, employers that interest you and individuals working for these employers. Following people is your chance to keep up to date with topical issues and trends, see what influencers think and also to observe the connections between key people in your field.

Twitter as a networking tool

Don’t get hung up on follower ratios and try not to get lost in the popularity battle. Instead, focus on tweeting meaningful and interesting content and building up relevant contacts. Join the conversation! Tweet about issues in your field, retweet relevant articles and other topical content and try to establish a regular dialogue with others in your industry.

Take opportunities to offer congratulations to an employer you’re interested in, for example, if they win an industry award. Keep an eye out for media mentions of significant individuals or organisations and tweet a comment about it using the person’s Twitter handle and a link to the article. Twitter is a great way to bypass the gatekeeper and connect with people directly.

Look out for relevant trending topics and if you think you can contribute something that will enrich the conversation or debate – tweet it! Often, organisations run hashtag campaigns to make their presence felt. If you spot one run by an organisation you’re interested in, try to take part.

With around 500 million tweets sent every day, hashtags are also an effective way of finding content that interests you and exchanges that you can become a part of. If used well, they can also help you to expand your Twitter audience.

Using Twitter for self-promotion

If you produce content elsewhere that you want to promote – for example, if you have a blog – then Twitter is a good way to push it out to people who might be interested. Don’t do this relentlessly though – people will get fed up and probably unfollow you.

You can flag up your own content to a particular person or organisation by including their Twitter handle in your tweet. In many ways your tweets can tell a potential employer much more about you than your CV or a reference can.

Remember: you are what you tweet.

Twitter etiquette

  • Do say more with less – it’s good practice.
  • Do make use of applications such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to organise the people you follow into columns.
  • Don’t click on dodgy links as you may get hacked.
  • Don’t plagiarise or retweet anything that might be libellous or offensive.

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Graduate Placements opportunities via ScotGrad

ScotGrad Placements: W/C 09/06/14

Whether you’re looking for a summer internship or a longer graduate placement, make sure you check out these great opportunities from ScotGrad. You’ll see placements available in IT, HR,  marketing, web design and Management, development and logistics with closing dates coming up over the next week.

Graduate Placements

*NEW* Multiple Retail Executive:Stoats, (Edinburgh & Lothians) Apply by 22nd June 2014:

*NEW* Export Marketing Plan Co-ordinator:EctoPharma Ltd, (Borders) Apply by 30th June 2014:

Marketing Graduate: esave, (Inverness) Apply by the 19th June 2014:

Graduate Sales and Marketing Assistant: Jupiter Play and Leisure, (Edinburgh) Apply by 15th June 2014:

International Marketing Graduate: Instrument Transformers Limited, (Lanarkshire) Apply by 29th June 2014:

E-Commerce/Marketing Graduate:Scott Direct Ltd, (Forth Valley) Apply by 15th June 2014:

Digital Marketing Specialist: Inis, (Borders) Apply by 30th June 2014:

Graduate Sales and Marketing Associate: KP Technology, (Caithness and Sutherland) Apply by 18th June 2014:

Graduate Marketing Officer: Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, (Orkney) Apply by 15thJune 2014:

Human resources and recruitment

*EXTRA PROMO* Graduate HR Assistant: Brown Brothers Manufacturing Ltd, (Dumfries and Galloway) Apply by 29th June 2014:

Web Design and Development

*NEW* Online Marketing Manager: MTC Media Limited, (Dundee) Apply by 22nd June 2014:


*NEW* Junior C++; Embedded Developer: Synopsys (Edinburgh & Lothians) Apply by 29thJune 2014:

*NEW* Software Engineer: Red Fox Media Ltd, (Edinburgh & Lothians) Apply by 18th June 2014:

*EXTRA PROMO* Software Developer: Miituu Limited, (Edinburgh & Lothians) Apply by 15th June 2014:

Management, Business, Development and Logistics

*NEW* Graduate Data Analyst: Speyside Specialities, (Moray) Apply by 30th June 2014:

Trainee Graduate Exports Facilitator: JPL Shellfish (Scotland) Ltd, (Caithness and Sutherland) Apply by 15th June 2014:

*EXTRA PROMO* Graduate Development Officer: Sleat Community Trust, (Lochaber, Skye and Wester Ross) Apply by 17th June 2014:

Paid Placements across Scotland via ScotGrad

ScotGrad [Formally TalentScotland] offers paid, 3-12 months, quantifiable projects with dynamic, growth-oriented businesses across Scotland. Placements are advertised throughout the year, and are open to graduates up to 4 years after graduation, provided they have no more than 1 years’ graduate-level work experience

Are you looking to gain some real work experience? Interested in working for a SME (Small to Medium sized enterprise). They are available at locations throughout Scotland for graduates with any degree discipline.

Vacancies are advertised on regularly throughout the year, some vacancies that are currently on include

SERCON SUPPORT SERVICES LTD – Project Cost Accountant CLOSING DATE: 27/10/2013
ALBION INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS LTD Sales and Marketing Assistant CLOSING DATE: 27/10/2013
THE MACKAY HOTEL COMPANY Graduate Marketing Executive CLOSING DATE: 23/10/2013
MCKINLAY KIDD Graduate International Marketing Executive CLOSING DATE: 20/10/2013


More information an vacancies on their website at: