Graduate Placement Opportunities

Securing a graduate placement can be one way of kick-starting your career. Do take a look at our ‘Stirling Internship Programme’ for graduate internship opportunities as well as other internship providers, such as ‘Adopt an Intern’, ‘Bright Green Placements’ and ‘ScotGrad’.

A placement opportunity such as offered by ScotGrad can give you the chance to:

  • get valuable ‘hands-on’ work experience
  • prove yourself to an employer
  • build your confidence
  • make contacts in your chosen industry
  • see whether a particular role or organisation is right for you
  • boost your future employment prospects

I have included information from the ScotGrad website for you to have a look at and the link takes you directly to the placement vacancy pages – do have a look to see if any of these opportunities interest you:


The idea is that you join a company or social enterprise to complete a short, well-defined project, lasting up to a year.

You match your skills to those employers are looking for and, following a competitive recruitment and selection process, you will be able to make a real impact on a small or medium-sized organisation. You’ll earn a minimum salary of £16,500, or the pro-rata equivalent. Plus, you may have the opportunity to attend a graduate training programme – another valuable addition to your CV and a way to deliver a better project for your placement employer.

The projects cover some of the most cutting-edge sectors in Scotland, like renewable energy, life sciences and information technology.

Smart companies in Scotland are always looking for new ideas, ways of working and new energy.

Since 2010, over 1000 graduates from 23 different countries have already had the satisfaction of making their mark with various projects across Scotland. Many of these led to permanent jobs and 75% of graduates on our programme go on to graduate level employment after their placement.

Take advantage now, and who knows where your placement could lead you.

Graduate placement projects

Projects can cross a range of disciplines including

  • New product design and development or product adaption for overseas markets
  • New process development and implementation
  • Strategic marketing, target marketing and market research
  • Targeting new international markets
  • Exporting and increased international participation
  • More effective use of ICT and e-business to improve business performance
  • Improved environmental management to achieve business benefits
  • Developing effective human resource policies

If you are interested in the placements ScotGrad offers, here are a
few things to keep in mind before applying.

  • You’ll have to be university degree-educated (or above), or have an HNC or HND qualification.
  • You can come from anywhere in the world. There’s no age restriction either, though you must have graduated in the past four years, without a permanent job at a graduate level for more than a year since.
  • Fluency in English is a real essential, whilst any visa issues, or relocation costs, have to be fully sorted by yourself.
  • If you require a visa to work full time in the UK, please note that you are responsible for arranging this yourself and ensuring compliance with UK Visas and Immigration requirements, e.g. for Tier 2 sponsorship, you need to ensure that the job is at a level suitable for sponsorship and paying the associated salary (which will be not less than £20,800*). Not all placements are open to or suitable for Tier 2 sponsorship. ScotGrad do not sponsor workers ourselves. *Applies to all offers of employment after 6th April 2015.

Please note that the final decision rests with the employer.

How do I apply?

Visit the placement page to view and apply for graduate placement opportunities


For general inquiries follow this link


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