Graduating next week?

First of all congratulations on successfully completing your studies and gaining your degree – all that hard work has paid off!

Completing your time at university and looking ahead is an exciting time in anyone’s life. At the moment, in times of economic downturn, it might also feel a bit daunting. In the weeks leading up to graduation there has undoubtedly been a great deal of press coverage on the employment prospects for 2011 graduates. Although the newspapers have focused on the doom and gloom stories, there are still jobs and opportunities out there, and we would really encourage you to take a positive and proactive approach to your career decisions.

Whatever you might be considering next the Career Development Centre and its services remain available to you as graduates of the university. So have a look around the website, or come into the Centre to speak to us to see what is going on and how we can help.

Good luck and best wishes for whatever path you choose to take after your time at Stirling.

Lesley Grayburn

Joint Head of Career Development Centre