A recruiter’s view point helps with application forms…….

If you try to see the graduate recruitment process – and your own part in it – from the employer’s point of view, it will help to clarify what you need to show in your application. Understanding what the recruiter is looking for will help you to get the graduate scheme place, internship or job... Continue Reading →


Influencing Skills with Accenture

Accenture are producing a series of videos to help students and graduates develop the skills needed to succeed in their career.  The first of the series is Influencing Skills and has some really useful advice regardless of the type of career you want to do. See real Accenture people giving real advice and sharing real... Continue Reading →

Well worth a read

The November issue of  Changing Careers magazine (issue number 27 I'll have you know) has some interesting articles including: How to work on your personal self-development in these challenging times How social media can help employees forge a great career in an SME Getting your next career step Tips for planning a career change We would... Continue Reading →

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