NHS Graduate Management Training Schemes

Just some reminders/updates: NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme The number for the NHS Graduate Management Scheme for candidates is: 0845 300 1426 The closing date is 10.00 am on 3rd December 2012. Interview dates are scheduled as follows: Derby              Tue 22/01/13  Thu 24/01/13 London            Mon 28/01/13 Fri 01/02/13 Leeds              Mon 04/02/13 Fri 08/02/13 Assessment... Continue Reading →


A recruiter’s view point helps with application forms…….

If you try to see the graduate recruitment process – and your own part in it – from the employer’s point of view, it will help to clarify what you need to show in your application. Understanding what the recruiter is looking for will help you to get the graduate scheme place, internship or job... Continue Reading →

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