More on LinkedIn – how to get ‘Groups’ to work for you


Why join LinkedIn Groups…….


Simply, within the vast network of separated professionals on LinkedIn, groups allow people to connect on a single theme. Groups are a great way to network with NEW people without introductions or cold calling. Why? Because you have something in common.

Groups can be anything from alumni associations, professional associations, common interests, even companies and subsets within companies, you can even create your own group in about 2 minutes.


Why groups are a great job search tool


By joining and participating in a group, you (the job seeker) have a powerful way of adding value to and growing your online reputation. When you participate, people notice.


Furthermore, by being members of the same group as your target company, your odds of getting a favourable response to your job inquiry are much higher.


Group Guidelines for the Job Seeker


Join a group that takes you where you want to go, not one that keeps you where you are.

Join a group that you WILL participate in. Don’t be a fly on the wall.

Participation in a group means posting and responding to discussion. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward, be positive, show your motivation.

Tell your truth but don’t shout! If you are unemployed, then don’t be ashamed and try to keep it a secret, but don’t flaunt it either. Just be cool and make sure that you are always honest about where you are and what you are looking for.

Identify other leaders in the group and determine whether they could be valuable connections or information sources; if so, then by all means reach out to them.


The End of the Summer Holidays

The end of the Summer Holidays!!

Well, for some of us the Summer holidays have come to an end and that means returning to the desk to continue with where I left off…….if only I had won the lottery I think to myself, If only I should be so lucky!

 As I haven’t won the lottery and I guess that, as you are reading this blog, you haven’t either, perhaps you are thinking of changing desks or even acquiring one, so to speak.

 Maybe you haven’t got things figured out yet on the job front, whether it be starting your first job since graduation or perhaps moving on up the chain.

 It is quite normal, she says reassuringly, to feel at a ‘bit of a cross-roads’ at times like these. Big plans that you might have had before graduation don’t always materialise. Sometimes that promised promotion or project doesn’t come your way and so you feel that your potential isn’t being realised in quite the way you would like.

This doesn’t mean to say that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, not going anywhere very fast. This is the time to explore your options even if you haven’t had much success on the career front to date. You never know when that proverbial door will open……………..