Graduate Survey for Summer Leavers – University of Stirling



We are about to get in touch with our summer 2017 leavers (approximately 6 months after graduation) regarding the graduate destinations survey. Here’s a bit of information to explain why we carry out the survey, so you know what to expect.

All universities are required by the Government to survey their graduates to find out what they have gone on to do, whether this be employment, voluntary work, further study, taking time out to travel or doing something else.

The information is very useful to University of Stirling staff and prospective and current students in many ways. It not only builds a picture of what graduates are doing including any changes in the graduate job market; Careers Consultants use it for career guidance; students and graduates will use it to get ideas about their careers; potential students will look at it to help them decide on a course; departments can use it for marketing courses.

The results are also part of the criteria used to form University League Tables, so we aim to reach as many recent graduates as possible.

The survey is managed by the staff here in the Careers and Employability Service and we also use the survey to identify grads who need ongoing careers support. You may have used the data from previous surveys to find out what other grads from your course went on to do (all data is anonymous of course).

We will be contacting University of Stirling leavers from December 2017 to March 2018 by email (with a personalised link to the online survey – it is quick and easy to complete the questions; you will only need a minute or two to tick all the relevant boxes) and also by phone. To ensure that the survey results are really useful, we need to get a high level of responses. If you are a recent graduate, we would really appreciate your help.

We have more detail on the survey available for you here:

Many Thanks

The Careers Team


Careers Fairs

With the SECC Graduate Careers fair upon us today and tomorrow, it is probably worth taking a look at our leaflet on ‘Getting the most out of a Careers Fair’.

This leaflet gives you loads of good tips on how to approach a careers fair.

If you are going to attend , you’ll get a lot more out of it if you recognise that you may not be able to talk to someone who can give you detailed info on the specific job you’re interested in. You’re much more likely to get to talk to a recent graduate who will tell you to “look on the website” for the specific vacancies. So what can you get out of them? Easy! You get to figure out whether you would want to work for an organisation by the way it treats its recent recruits (and with a bit of luck, the new grauates will be unguarded enough to tell you the truth about what it’s really like at work).

I’d suggest asking about:

  • What training did they get/do they offer?
  • How do they get measured? (If you find out what the organisation values in its employees, could you realistically expect to deliver the results which will result in fast promotion or increased pay?)
  • Do they know any postgraduates working for the organisation, & what jobs are they doing?
  • What do they think is different about their organisation compared to their competitors

It’s all good material for the bit in the covering letter or during interview on “Why do you want to work for us?”. It’s so much more impressive to say “when I was talking to your R&D Manager …”, rather than “well, it says on your website …”, which every other candidate will have read.

And a final tip – if you get there earlier, you’re more likely to get a reasonable amount of time with exhibitors, you will get to talk to them before they get into their “fixed patter” mode (where they’re so tired, they just reel off the same thing to everyone they see) , and, of course, you should get the pick of the freebies!!

There is also a Virtual Careers Fair for Greater China and South East Asia coming up on 24th to 28th October where you can ‘chat’ to employers from the comfort of your arm chair with your favourite mug full of hot chocolate -no need to brave the flooded roads of Scotland to visit employers!