The End of the Summer Holidays

The end of the Summer Holidays!!

Well, for some of us the Summer holidays have come to an end and that means returning to the desk to continue with where I left off…….if only I had won the lottery I think to myself, If only I should be so lucky!

 As I haven’t won the lottery and I guess that, as you are reading this blog, you haven’t either, perhaps you are thinking of changing desks or even acquiring one, so to speak.

 Maybe you haven’t got things figured out yet on the job front, whether it be starting your first job since graduation or perhaps moving on up the chain.

 It is quite normal, she says reassuringly, to feel at a ‘bit of a cross-roads’ at times like these. Big plans that you might have had before graduation don’t always materialise. Sometimes that promised promotion or project doesn’t come your way and so you feel that your potential isn’t being realised in quite the way you would like.

This doesn’t mean to say that you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, not going anywhere very fast. This is the time to explore your options even if you haven’t had much success on the career front to date. You never know when that proverbial door will open……………..