Do you have what it takes to solve Europe’s problems?

Recruitment for the EU Civil Service has opened (15th March – 17th April 2012). Find out more at 

You can also view the excellent resources from the guardian website


The Leonardo Project 2012

Great opportunity for graduates- the Leonardo De Vinci Programme 2012. Its not another Dan Brown book but instead a great opportunity for graduates from any degree discipline to get work experience in major European cities.

The Leonardo Da Vinci Programme is a Brussels initiative, co-funded by the EU and ‘host companies in Europe. The programme supports Mobility Projects: European work placements for graduates and school leavers.

The programme consists of a two week language course followed by a ten week multi professional work placement in a European city, departing in September, January or April. The best thing is that while it is not salaried all your expenses are covered. Plus you’ll have a small living allowance.

The only costs to you are:

  • Your spending money
  • A commitment sum of £150 (and you’ll get that back 3 months after your placement has finished)

And that’s it! Leonardo pays for everything else: flights, insurance, language course… even your accommodation.

Will you qualify for Leonardo funding?

You should be eligible if you can tick all these boxes:

  • I’m a British citizen or European National
  • I’m legally resident in the UK
  • I want to improve my career prospects through vocational training
  • I’m not in full-time education
  • I’m over 18 years old

Find out more at European Training Services