NHS Graduate Management Training Schemes

Just some reminders/updates: NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme The number for the NHS Graduate Management Scheme for candidates is: 0845 300 1426 The closing date is 10.00 am on 3rd December 2012. Interview dates are scheduled as follows: Derby              Tue 22/01/13  Thu 24/01/13 London            Mon 28/01/13 Fri 01/02/13 Leeds              Mon 04/02/13 Fri 08/02/13 Assessment... Continue Reading →


Interview Skills (Part 1)

Going for an interview is, for most of us, a nerve-wracking experience. Sitting down in front of a panel of people you’ve probably never met before and being grilled for about 30 or 45 minutes in a stressful environment is no-one’s idea of fun. But we all have to do it, and the better prepared... Continue Reading →

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