9 Tips For Using Social Media In Your Job Hunt

Most of us use social media on a daily basis, but did you know that used strategically, social media can also be a great job search tool? Here are some tips to get you started. Develop a professional presence What do people find when they Google your name? This is something you need to look... Continue Reading →


The Job-Seekers Guide to Twitter – Part 2

Last week we talked briefly about signing up for Twitter, the importance of filling out of your profile in detail and some basic functionality. This article will explore the @ and # keys in a little more detail, as well as provide some basic examples of Twitter Job Seeking in action. Search Search..Search O.k, last... Continue Reading →

9 simple steps to getting the most out of Linkedin

Most of the recruiters and employers have quit traditional methods of searching for a perfect candidate. No longer do they spend all their time going through job portals but they also search for interesting candidates on social media sites, blogs, forums and professional networking sites. Linkedin is one of many such sites that help you reach out to employers and... Continue Reading →

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