Targetjobs – latest deadlines

If you’re hunting for a graduate job or training scheme for after your finals, there are still vacancies available with big-name employers to start this summer and autumn. Keep an eye out for our weekly round-up of application closing dates so you can make sure you don’t miss your chance to apply. Graduate employers with... Continue Reading →


How to use LinkedIn to find employers – mini series

We are going to shamelessly link to the University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog as they have done an excellent job, through three blog posts, in writing about how you can use LinkedIn to find relevant employers. Thank you Team Leeds! "Whether you’re looking for experience, placements or a graduate job, it can sometimes be hard to... Continue Reading →

An interesting approach to Job Hunting……

Came across this review on an organisational tool for job hunting and have just tried it out. I must admit that it is pretty swift and on first impressions think that this is a very good approach regarding the graduate job process and one that can help graduates doing multiple applications. As graduates, you probably... Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of using Social Media for recruiting

Speaker's presentations from the 'Recruitment using Social Media' event at the University of Aberdeen Saw this very topic article in LinkedIn about social media recruiting from the University of Aberdeen and thought that I would share it with you. It gives some very useful pointers from the recruiters point of view along with perspectives from students/graduates in... Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Panel Interviews…

For many of us, hearing that we are facing a panel interview can immediately fill us with fear, dread and trepidation. For some reason, facing a group of people is so much more daunting than facing one interviewer on their own. However, like all interviews, with the right preparation and mindset, there should be absolutely... Continue Reading →

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