Graduate HR opportunity in Stirling…….

Nina, our Job Shop Manager here at the Careers Development Centre, has informed us in the GradClub Team, of this exciting HR opportunity: Employer United Closures and Plastics Ltd  Job title HR Assistant  Closing date 19/11/2012  Job description We are currently recruiting for an HR Assistant based at our manufacturing site in Bridge of Allan,... Continue Reading →


A recruiter’s view point helps with application forms…….

If you try to see the graduate recruitment process – and your own part in it – from the employer’s point of view, it will help to clarify what you need to show in your application. Understanding what the recruiter is looking for will help you to get the graduate scheme place, internship or job... Continue Reading →

Large or small – which route suits you best?

Graduates may be tempted to go for large, well-know companies in their hunt for  a job; firms with an ample history and a solid reputation. This certainly has  its benefits: In general, large companies offer bigger starting salaries. They also offer extensive employee benefits such as health insurance, pension plans, on-site gyms and even company... Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of using Social Media for recruiting

Speaker's presentations from the 'Recruitment using Social Media' event at the University of Aberdeen Saw this very topic article in LinkedIn about social media recruiting from the University of Aberdeen and thought that I would share it with you. It gives some very useful pointers from the recruiters point of view along with perspectives from students/graduates in... Continue Reading →

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